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Guitar spares, parts, amplifiers and band equipments for sales from GuitarShack local suppliers, nationwide delivery in South Africa.

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  • Necks & Tuning

    Welcome to GuitarShack, online Guitar Parts & music accessory store. Buy custom guitar necks & parts. Fender, gibson, stratocaster, bass & electric guitar necks for sale online in South Africa. Affordable replacements, quality wood and build from a reputable supplier.

  • Pick-ups, Selectors...

    High quality stockists of accousic & electric guitar pick-ups & selector knobs. Buy online and browse our wide range of guitar parts and accessories.

  • Picks and Pickguards

    Best guitar picks to use & replacement pick-guards and scratch plates for Acoustic, Electric and Bass. Order online, we deliver in South Africa.

  • Strings

    Best & most affordable replacement high quality guitar strings for Electric, Bass and Acoustic. Cheap bulk Nylon and steel strings on sale in South Africa.

  • Tuners

    Shop online for the latest acoustic, electric and bass guitar tuners. We deliver our high quality imported guitar accessories all over South Africa at very good prices. Cheap guitar tuners and zoom multi-effects pedals for sale.

  • Bridges and Saddles

    Buy replacement guitar bridges & saddles anywhere in South Africa. Stockists of high quality musical instrument parts including: Bass, Acoustic and electric guitar accessories.

  • Cables

    Online musical instrument shop to buy the latest & best guitar leads & cables. High quality imported band & sound equipment including: Cheap audio guitar leads, xlr&  speaker cables. We stock the latest technology pc/phone guitar usb cables.

  • Gig Bags

    High quality guitar, bass and ukulele gig bags at our online shop. Delivery nationwide in South Africa.

  • Bodies

    Buy electric guitar bodies online in South Africa and get delivery nationwide.

  • Luthier Tools

    Guitar building tools, buy luthier tools online in South Africa.

  • Other Hardware &...

    The best place to go for all your guitar needs we sell a wide range of high quality imported accessories for Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars. Your one stop guitar shop.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 120 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 120 items